Stage 1: Accommodation

The boutique hotel Bérard is spread over several buildings - the reception is in the building on the right in the picture

Stay overnight in La Cadière-d'Azur

La Cadière-d'Azur is located a few kilometers from the Mediterranean coast on a hill surrounded by vineyards and agriculture. The center of La Cadière-d'Azur consists essentially of the oblong town hall square and the street running past it. Several restaurants, the post office, a bar, a bakery, a grocery store and a fruit and vegetable store have set up store here. A place that, because of its compactness, could well serve as the setting for a French textbook. Lively, but not overcrowded - that's all you need after a day of hiking!

However, the choice of accommodation here is somewhat limited: Directly in the center next to the post office is the boutique hotel Bérard with attached star restaurant (link: Boutique hotel Bérard). There we stayed on our hike (double room without breakfast usually at least 110€). The view from the balcony was great, the room okay, but quite small. But you are right in the center of town.

The only alternative we know of in La Cadière-d'Azur is the outlying bed & breakfast Les Oliviers La Cadiere (link: Les Olivier's La Cadiere). There, a French couple rents exactly one guest room with private bathroom and breakfast as a "chambre d'hôtes" (guest room) in a villa with pool.

Beautiful view from the room balcony in the boutique hotel Hostellerie Berard & Spa

Bathroom in boutique hotel Bérard

Classic, partly a bit narrow rooms in the only hotel in La Cadièr-d'Azur