By train from Marseille to Bandol

Bandol, the starting point of our long-distance hike, is best reached by train - regardless of whether you are traveling to Marseille by plane or by train anyway. The journey with the regional train from Marseille-Saint-Charles takes about 45 minutes, the trains usually run once an hour (ticket about 10€ per person). Current timetables are available here:

Tip: If you would like to spend a few more days on holiday in Marseille or Provence after the long-distance hike, you can use the lockers in the Marseille train station for your extra luggage (from €5.50 per 24 hours). We asked about the conditions for this on site and photographed them. The small print under the prices is particularly relevant here: For long-term rentals of more than 24 hours, a written declaration must be made at the counter in advance, in which the planned rental period is specified. If the agreed duration is exceeded, the locker will be opened and the contents will be treated as lost property.

Three different locker sizes

Alternative: An alternative is the provider "La Bag Mobile" (recommendation from Jürgen's travel report). "La Bag Mobile" maintains several luggage storage stations in Marseille, including near the train station next to Starbucks. Via the website you can also book there in advance (Link:

The lockers ("Consignes") are located on Platform A

Price list and conditions (as of 2018)