Arrival: Accommodation in Bandol

Hotel Key Largo is located on the southern tip of Bandol

Overnight stay in Bandol

The first stage of our long-distance hike starts in Bandol, a small town on the Côte d'Azur, and is quite strenuous at 20 km. It is therefore advisable to plan your arrival in such a way that you already spend the night in Bandol on the day of arrival and can start hiking in the morning of the next day.

We stayed at Hotel Key Largo on our tour (Link: Hotel Key Largo), which is located on the southern tip of Bandol. From the hotel's breakfast room you have a great view of the small offshore island Île de Bendor. This belongs to the empire of Paul Ricard, who has made it very prosperous with his pastis brand. The island is now a popular destination (further information:

The excursion island Île de Bendor in the morning light

Back to the hotel: The 2-star Hotel Key Largo is located right at the starting point of our long-distance hike and, in our opinion, offers very good value for money with new bathrooms and clean rooms. The biggest plus is the lovingly prepared breakfast with many homemade delicacies!

Tip: Those arriving by car can use the free parking lot "Parking Deferrari" directly in front of the hotel and leave their car there for the entire hike (without surveillance).

Panoramic window at the Hotel Key Largo overlooking the Île de Bendor and the free car park

Rather simple but clean rooms in the Hotel Key Largo in Bandol

Hotel Key Largo: Newly renovated bathrooms

Lovingly prepared breakfast at Hotel Key Largo