Travel Fiction / Crime Fiction by Cay Rademacher

Exciting holiday reading for a holiday in Provence

The German writer Cay Rademacher moved from Hamburg to Provence a few years ago. At his new place of work he has now published several novels about the French investigator Capitaine Roger Blanc and has since enriched the genre of regional crime stories with a "Provence crime story".

In fact, the fourth volume of the crime series is the reason why we came across Marseille as a hiking area in the first place: In Dangerous Côte Bleue, Capitaine Roger Blanc is investigating an alleged diving accident in the Calanques. Capitaine Roger Blanc, who comes from Paris and has only recently moved to Provence and is therefore not yet fully familiar with the local conditions of Provence, remembers on the second page of the novel what he has heard about the Calanques so far:

As Nkoulou had explained to him in detail, calanques referred to the rugged rocky coast to the west and east of Marseille. Blanc had heard of the Caribbean water and resinous pines, of breakneck hiking trails between brittle rocks - and of evening pétanque games in front of the cabanes, the vacation homes of those lucky ones who had built in the nature reserves when it was illegal, but nobody had looked so closely before. However, he had never been there.

Anyone who knows our fondness for Mediterranean coastal hiking trails (see, suspects that there are enough emotive words in this small paragraph to at least research long-distance hiking opportunities around Marseille. The result of this research gave us a wonderful hiking holiday, which we present on this website.

If you are looking for literary holiday inspiration or holiday reading during a hiking holiday in Provence, we recommend all previously published volumes from Cay Rademacher's Provence crime series. There you will also learn a lot about the special features of the region around Marseille, some of which also catch your eye when hiking. What is going on with the numbered helipads everywhere in Provence is explained e.g. B. explained in Volume 1.



Cay Rademacher's Provence crime novels are set in Gadet - a fictional town near Marseille