Stage 4: accommodation

One of William's guest rooms

Overnight on the edge of the Parc National des Calanques

There are no accommodations in the Parc National des Calanques nature reserve itself, so at the end of stage 4 we have to switch to the southern outskirts of Marseille for the night. There are several alternatives for this:

  1. Overnight stay with William, who offers several guest rooms or apartments in one of the first houses on the edge of the national park (, alternatively also bookable at Airbnb). William works as a photographer and has designed the rooms with great attention to detail. On request, William also offers breakfast (from 2 people, 7.50€ each). This is recommended, as there is no bakery or supermarket in the immediate vicinity of the accommodation. However, dinner is provided on site:  At the end of the street is the pizzeria "Chez Ze". Especially on weekends, this pizzeria is very busy, so it is indeed advisable to reserve a table there directly while walking past at the end of stage 4. For those who prefer to supply themselves: At a distance of about 1.3 km straight down the main road there is a small fruit and vegetable vendor with local cheese and a few meters after that a bakery (about here). The nearest real supermarket is over 2 km away (here). However, the way there is anything but charming: one first passes a correctional facility and then encounters relatively large-scale apartment blocks that stand in sharp contrast to the nearby nature reserve. Our suggestion therefore: overnight stay at William's with breakfast, dinner at the pizzeria and filling up the water bottles for the next day with water from the tap. Provisions for the next stage is namely not necessarily needed -.  see rest stops on stage 5.
  2. In case William's guest rooms are fully booked, or for those who want a little more comfort, there is an interesting alternative in Hôtel 96 (link: Hotel 96): Although you then have about 2 km longer way (past the prison, see above), but then ends up in a well-kept, park-like complex with a lot of comfort, large rooms and pool.
  3. As a last alternative, there is a bus connection at least every hour with line 22 in the direction of Marseille center with many more hotels (departure approximately at the level of William's house, Information about line 22).

William runs his small pension under the name "Le Garage des Calanques"

The guest room and one of the apartments can also be rented for single nights.